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Opportunities to Serve

ADULT EDUCATION – The Adult Education ministry is made up of a team of adults selected by the elders to give guidance to the educational program for the Maryville congregation. Each year we plan for the content of the curriculum for the next 4 quarters. The plan is tentative depending on the availability of specific teachers or may be modified by the request from the elders. The elders identify teachers who they believe will best implement the plan for the specific classes. Ministry Deacon: ; Elder: Randy Winstead

BENEVOLENCE – The mission of the Maryville benevolent program is to provide food and other support to those in need. Our first obligation is to members of our church family. But, Jesus demonstrated and taught us to love our neighbors as well as brothers and sisters. So, in addition to our food pantry, and within our guidelines and capabilities, we also offer assistance with rent and utilities when needed. Ministry Deacon: Richard Stephens; Elder: David Hollomon/Rob Stevenson

CARE GROUPS – The Care Group ministry provides support, comfort, and communication in times of need for individuals, families and the congregation as a whole. The congregation is divided into 10 care groups, each with a leader who then has 3-5 cluster leaders within the group. The members are arranged as geographically close to each other as possible so as to better facilitate support when needed. Groups provide food or other support in times of sickness, sorrow or other types of need. Ministry Deacon: Barry Adkins; Elder: Randy Puryear 

CHILDREN’S WORSHIP / TODDLERS IN TRAINING (TNT) – This ministry is comprised of two programs. The TNT program is for children ages 2 to 3-1/2, and the Children’s Worship program is for children ages 3-1/2 to 6. TNT is an extension of the nursery and is staffed by an adult volunteer and an older child or teen. Time is divided between a short devotion, social interaction, and an activity or art project based around the devotion. The children’s worship program is served by husband and wife teams. The time consists of a sermon or a life application discussion based on the children’s level for comprehension and their attention span. An age appropriate activity, songs, and prayers are also a part of this ministry. The objective is to prepare the children for understanding what their role in worship will be after they graduate. An “easy reader” Bible is presented to each student when they have completed the program (usually at age 6 or 7). Ministry Leader: Jessica Hazel; Elder: Danny Nunn

COMMUNICATIONS (Sound & Tape) – This ministry is responsible for the audio amplification systems in the auditorium. Responsibilities include operating the communication systems during worship services, Bible classes in the auditorium, weddings, funerals and Stepping Stones assemblies. Recordings and duplicating audio & video copies of the sermons for distribution via CD and/or DVD is also the responsibility of this ministry. Ministry Deacon: Chuck Ogle; Elder: David Dudley

COMMUNICATIONS (Technical & Website) – This ministry is responsible for projection of content for viewing in the main auditorium and control of the lighting system. Projection consists of the Paperless Hymnal, sermon PowerPoint slides, announcements, and video presentations where appropriate. This ministry is also in charge of the church’s website and posts sermons, announcements, bulletin articles, and calendar events on a weekly basis. This ministry also administers the church’s PhoneTree and computing equipment. Ministry Deacon: ; Elder: David Dudley

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – This ministry provides help for members and non-members with projects to give them a better quality of life. Examples of this ministry’s projects include: raking leaves; fixing broken windows and doors; building handicap ramps and installing handrails; fixing porches; and repairing roofs. The Maryville church has many able workers who are able to help those in need in many ways. Ministry Leader: Bill Walt; Elder: Rob Stevenson

FACILITY (Inside) – This ministry is responsible for keeping the inside of the building maintained and clean (carpets, bathrooms, auditorium, fellowship hall, etc.). In particular this ministry is responsible for having the facility ready for our regularly scheduled worship services: Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, and other special functions. Ministry Leader: Stan Petree, Steve Coleman, Danny Spencer; Elder: Rob Stevenson

FACILITY (Outside) – The ministry is responsible for building maintenance (primarily for the outside facility such as parking lots, lighting, grounds, roofing, guttering, siding, etc.) for all of the Maryville church property, including our main building, the outreach building, and the houses. Ministry Leader: Stan Petree, Steve Coleman; Elder: Rob Stevenson 

FELLOWSHIP – The mission of this ministry is to promote a culture of brotherhood and bonding within the church family. In order to accomplish this mission, we facilitate group functions and events in informal settings, conducive to all age group participation, which are designed to encourage members to intermingle, become better acquainted with other members, and strengthen the bonds with one another. Ministry Deacon: Doug Edwards; Elder: Jim Taylor

FINANCE – This ministry consists of men who are in charge of collecting and accounting for monies collected via weekly contributions from our members. The finance committee is also responsible for collecting data from our various ministry leaders to use in establishing the church’s yearly budget. Ministry Leader: Mike Hearon, Terry Rush; Elder: David Hollomon

LADIES – The Ladies ministries at Maryville are multifaceted. The mission is to provide opportunities for women to know Jesus Christ, experience spiritual and personal growth, build Christian friendships, and share Jesus’ love through hands-on ministry. The various ministries consist of: Wednesday morning Ladies’ Bible Class; Monthly Thursday or Friday night Ladies’ Bible study and prayer group meeting; Young Mother’s Group; College Care ministry; Social Events coordination; Senior Singles events and projects; Fitness group; Wedding & Baby Showers ministry; Quilting; Military Support ministry; New Member Welcome ministry; Nursery ministry; and Ladies’ Retreat ministry. Ministry Coordinators: Amy Sentell, Beth Brinkman; Elder: Danny Nunn

LADS TO LEADERS / LEADERETTES – This ministry, the oldest and largest leadership training program used by the churches of Christ, is a tool that is used to help prepare our youth for service in the Kingdom of God and help develop overall leadership potential. This program provides 37 events covering a wide range of interests, ability levels, and skills development. The goal is to provide effective, year-round leadership training tools that can be adapted to meet individual and congregational needs. The purpose is to instill the Word of God into youth so that they will stand firm in the faith. Teaching students to do “Bible things in Bible ways” is the essence of Lads to Leaders / Leaderettes. Ministry Leader: Todd Heim; Elder: Artan Xhaferaj

LIBRARY – The church library has a wonderful collections of books and materials for use by members of our congregation ranging from Adult Commentaries to personal help books to Children’s books and various audio media. It contains a vast collection for help in nurturing personal Spiritual growth, in understanding God’s word, and in helping to apply God’s teaching into everyday Christian living. New material is being added on a constant basis. Ministry Leader: Judy Curp; Elder: David Dudley/Randy Winstead

MISSIONS – The Maryville Missions ministry exists to serve the congregation and eldership in taking the gospel to locations outside the local area which could be the United States or throughout the World. This is accomplished by a number of actively interested members who serve in various ways including short-term mission trips, worldwide evangelistic efforts via sponsorships of preaching / teaching the gospel in Albania, Romania, Russia, Mexico, Central America, and New Zealand. Ministry Leader: ; Elder: Artan Xhaferaj

OFFICE – To supplement our normal office staff, from time to time special projects require additional help. Examples are helping to fold and mail weekly bulletins; collate and insert new directory pages in binders; and various other special needs. Members are encouraged to volunteer to assist the office during the special times when additional helping hands are needed. Office Secretaries: Diane White & Leigh Ann Sparks; Elder: David Hollomon

OUTREACH CENTER (Activities) – The outreach center is home for basketball, volleyball, and other activities with emphasis on fellowship and outreach to non-members. It also contains the fitness center and the Youth Room. Ministry Deacon: Jody Rush; Elder: Rob Stevenson

OUTREACH CENTER (Maintenance) – This ministry consists of maintaining the facility including cleaning the center’s floors and restrooms, all of which is a vital part of the center’s, as well as our church’s, perception in the eyes of our members and the public during activities. Minsitry Deacon – Art Campbell, Steve Coleman; Elder: Rob Stevenson 

OUTREACH & EVANGELISM – The objective of this ministry is to personally contact and thank every in-town visitor for visiting with us and to encourage them to return. The purpose is to locate potential Christians, teach home Bible studies, make new disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in our area, follow up with new converts, prepare other members for personal work and to encourage every member to be involved in evangelism. Ministry Deacon: Mike Kervin; Elder: Rob Stevenson

PHOTOGRAPHY – The objective of this ministry is to make sure that photos of every existing and new member at Maryville are kept up-to-date. New members are then introduced to the congregation and everyone is periodically given new Membership Directory inserts with pictures and pertinent personal data. Ministry Deacon: Neil Adam; Elder: David Dudley

SECURITY – The mission of the security team is to serve the members and guests of our church by providing a safe environment for worship. This ministry consists of men who work together to roam the property, inside and out, and who use video surveillance and wireless communications equipment to assist in their effort to eliminate or minimize disruptions during worship services. Ministry Leader: David Pittman; Elder: Rob Stevenson

SHUT-IN’S – The primary focus of this ministry is to take and serve the Lord’s Supper on Sundays to all who are shut-in or who for whatever reason cannot attend and have requested this service. Ministry Leader: Ron Williams; Elder: David Dudley/Artan Xhaferaj/Herb Byrd

LIFE GROUPS – The life group ministry is designed to inspire spiritual growth by supporting one another as we draw closer to God and become more Christ-like through the life group experience, Bible study, prayer, service and fellowship. The life groups meet together at various times and places. These groups enjoy fellowship, pray for each other, spend time exploring how to practically apply the Bible to daily living and in service.  Ministry Leader: Jonathan Jones; Elder: Jim Taylor

STEPPING STONES PRESCHOOL – This ministry recognizes the need for education excellence in a Christian environment during early childhood development. Established in 1983, Stepping Stones provides a loving atmosphere where students can grow socially, emotionally and intellectually as well as physically. Serving over one hundred students per year with a staff of loving and qualified teachers, the school has been honored by the State of Tennessee with their highest rating of three stars for the past several years. School Director: Tyree Ogle, Jon Dockery; Elder: Randy Puryear

TEENAGE CHRISTIAN CAMP – The Maryville church of Christ has been involved with Teenage Christian Camp (TTC) since the late-1960’s. TCC utilizes the facilities of Hillbrook Christian Camp, a 55 acre property, located in the Karns community just outside Knoxville. The camp is dedicated to training young people spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically in order that they might render greater service to God, church, home and country. Any boy or girl, regardless of race or religious affiliation is welcome though most attendees are from middle and east Tennessee, northern Georgia, and southern Kentucky churches of Christ. TCC is a non-profit organization under a board of directors of Christian men who believe in camp as an effective means of teaching Christ and developing spirituality in young people. Ministry Leader: Todd Heim; Elder: Artan Xhaferaj

TRANSPORATION – This ministry consists of individuals who maintain and drive the church Busses and Vans. Transportation for various events and functions is provided as needed for our teens, our deaf, the Ramblers, and others as the need may arise. Ministry Leaders: Miles Cullum & Larry Samuels; Ministry Deacon: Craig Maner; Elder: Rob Stevenson

USHERS & GREETERS – This ministry is responsible for the selection of men (USHERS) who have indicated a willingness to serve the congregation as Ushers. Also men and women (GREETERS) are used to meet and welcome members and visitors to our worship services. Members who are asked to participate are chosen from a list provided by the church office. Those working in this ministry are also responsible for preparation of the bread and fruit of the vine for all of our Sunday services. Ministry Deacon: ; Elder: Rob Stevenson

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL (VBS) – VBS is a once-a-year event, held during the summer season, for children up to grade 6. It is a big event in which almost everyone in our congregation can participate. Teachers, with assistants, plan and teach the classes around Biblical topics. Group skits and singing times begin the sessions after which the children break up into age-appropriate classes for Bible lessons, crafts and other fun learning activities. VBS affords an opportunity for our congregation to reach out to those in the community as well as providing teaching opportunities for our own children. Many adults still remember the songs learned as children in VBS. This ministry gives the opportunity to volunteer our efforts so that our children not only learn about God but also have those future fond memories to help sustain their faith and Christian walk in life. Ministry Leaders: Randy & Libby Puryear; Elder: Danny Nunn

VISITATION – The primary focus of this ministry is to identify individuals and families who signal a potential interest in becoming a part of the Maryville church of Christ. This is basically accomplished in two ways: first, in a verbal manner during the greeting process, and second, by reviewing Visitor Cards. These cards are designed to collect demographic information and spiritual status. Once collected, the cards are distributed to the elders and ministers for follow-up. Members are also encouraged to make contact with our visitors via phone calls, notes, email, personal visits, etc. to determine their interest, identify their needs, and invite them to come back. The objective is to begin to build a bond that will hopefully lead visitors to a deeper relationship with God and a meaningful and active fellowship with our congregation. Ministry Leader: ; Elder: Rob Stevenson

WORLD ENGLISH INSTITUTE (WEI) – World English Institute (WEI) is a world-wide evangelistic ministry proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. This ministry uses simple Bible stories to illustrate English grammar. The English grammar studies and Bible lessons take the student from God’s creating the universe to the plan of salvation in twenty-one lessons. World-wide interest in learning English as a second language has enabled this ministry to get into every country of the world. Having begun as a postal correspondence ministry, it quickly became material that is used in one-on-one teaching both by permanent missionaries and in short-term summer sessions around the world. The effectiveness of WEI, now also being taught via the internet, has been astronomical for saving the lost with the ability to reach an almost unlimited number of students. Maryville church of Christ is the sponsoring congregation for the Eastern Headquarters of World English Institute headed by Tom Langley. Ministry Deacons: Tom Langley; Elder: Artan Xhaferaj

WORSHIP – Men who have indicated an interest in participating in our public worship are selected from a list provided by the church office complied from the membership interest form. This ministry consists of those who lead our congregation in public prayer, who read from the Bible, and who preside and serve the Lord’s Supper. Ministry Leader: Jerry Dean; Elder: David Dudley/Artan Xhaferaj/Herb Byrd

YOUNG ADULTS – This ministry comprises a wide range of age groups. The age group is generally, but not limited to, 25-35 years old. The focus of the group is to help individuals feel welcome in the Church family through this pivotal transition period in their life. Some of the individuals will be transitioning from college students to your professionals, some from single men and women to married couples, and many from young married couples to new families. This ministry will provide support and guidance through relationships. The objective is to provide a support structure for Young Adults in their Christian Walk and help them find ways to use their God given talents to serve the Church and others. Ministry Leader: Brad Martin, Josh Rudd; Elder: Randy Winstead

YOUTH EDUCATION – The Youth Education ministry is made up of a team of adults selected by the elders to give guidance to the educational program for the youngsters of our congregation. The Leaders identify department coordinators and teachers who they believe will best implement the plan for the specific classes. Ministry Leaders: Angie Langley, Sybil Byrd, Tyra Shelton, Susan Gallaher; Elder: Randy Winstead

YOUTH & FAMILY – The youth and family ministry serves as a place for growing souls. The ministry is comprised of 7th – 12th grade students and their families. It is the ministry’s mission to equip students and families with the tools to be able to enter into a closer walk with Christ. The ministry strives to provide opportunities for families to grow closer to God and build faith-centered relationship for the future. It is the desire of the ministry to bless the Maryville students with the vision of a life with Christ for all times and all of our activities come from that dream. Minsitry Leader: ; Deacons: Tom Langley, Craig Maner, Jeff Clark; Elder: Randy Winstead

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